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For Parents


New Horizons Daycare, Inc. is operated on a non-discriminatory basis and gives equal treatment and access to services without regard to gender, sex, race, color, religion, national origin or ancestry, ethnic group orientation, age, disability, marital status. New Horizons Daycare is a Christian based organizations and reserves the right to teach biblical principles according to our Christian values.

2-year-olds do not have to be fully potty-trained. Our staff will work with you and the child to bring them to potty-training readiness at the right time. Parents/Guardians must supply diapers, wipes and any other diapering supplies that the child needs. Potty training status is not an element used to determine eligibility to enroll to New Horizons Daycare, Inc.


The administration, teachers and staff understand that parents have natural worries about their child’s adjustment to school, safety, academic progress, and social, emotional and physical development. We are here to help answer those questions and assist parents through the ever changing early childhood years.

We encourage parents input to the facilities and daily routines. If any concerns or suggestions may arise a drop box will be strategically located promoting parent contribution to our continuous growth. All suggestion will be taken into consideration by New Horizons Daycare.

New Horizons Daycare operates under an open door policy. You have the right to visit the Center and your child’s classroom anytime your child is present.


Daily: Each day you can expect to see your child’s projects and talk to the teacher in the classroom. We also send lots of helpful information home in the child’s backpack. You are also welcome to contact your teacher through email, notes and voice mail

Regular Updates: You will stay informed on your child’s progress through regular progress reports and reports cards.

Flyers: New Horizons Daycare will provide Monthly Flyers including our activities for that month.

Anytime: You can schedule a Parent & Teacher Conference any time of the year; we also set aside dedicated dates to discuss individual progress.