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LearningLearning should be fun! Everything that we do at New Horizons Daycare, Inc. is interactive and promotes growing in skills required to be positive learners. A hand on learning environment is encouraged, giving every child the full experience of designated topics. We understand that it’s never too early to give children tools for success.  These skills include making friends, developing self-control, feeling positive about yourself, respecting others, helpfulness, problem solving, and conflict resolution.

Music is a great part of our day to day. New Horizons Daycare, Inc. understands the importance of worship in our children’s life. Every day the children will experience a time of worship that will not only enhance their artistic interest, morning worship and prayer is designed to guide the children to a daily living skill that will be with them forever.

Biblical themes preschoolers are given opportunities to grow toward school readiness as we follow the Massachusetts Department of Education Early Childhood Program Standards and the Guidelines for Preschool Learning Experiences. We fully integrate academic areas of study in exciting ways to ensure a lifetime of devoted children not only to their success but also their God given assignment. Biblical concepts and fundamentals are instilled at an early age with the purpose of aligning all of our children with God given purpose.